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Released Films SIDDHARTH The Prisoner Directors Note

"Make me immortal in that realm where all longings and desires disappear."[RIG VEDA 2,000 B.C.] Old Hindu texts and even Buddhist ones, express the concept of freedom as a state of desirelessness. The same schools of thought also propose that all material things are illusionary and the root cause of suffering is desire. The reading of these texts had a strong influence on my world view. It seemed synchronous with my own experiences and musings. In 2005, I started developing a screenplay which would try to explore the validity of these ideas in a contemporary urban scenario. The central idea of the script is to show the journey of a character who stumbles upon a realization of this kind of freedom. The film is about the enlightenment of Siddharth Roy. A man who comes out of prison only to find that he is still not free from the imprisonment he feels from life itself. The idea of imprisonment and how it relates to the human condition becomes one of the main themes of the film. Every situation is exploited to express a sense of imprisonment to the forces of destiny and desire. The plot is constructed around a misplaced briefcase full of money, which becomes a corrupting influence on the characters, putting on display the fallibility of human nature in the face of desire.